Helicopter Hire Across London


A helicopter flight above London offers incomparable views of the city and makes for an ideal gift for friends, family members, and even clients. There’s also no reason why anyone wanting a magical tourist experience wouldn’t want to take a helicopter tour of the UK capital.

London is a city filled with famous landmarks, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and Westminster Abbey are all great to see from the ground, but viewing them from high in the sky offers a different take on these popular sites.

That’s why helicopter tours are popular with visitors of the city, London by helicopter is the perfect view.


Bespoke Helicopter Tour of London


There are several kinds of London helicopter tours available. One option is to buy a ticket on a pre-schedule tour, These typically last 30 to 45 minutes and take passengers along a set route around the city. Another option is to book a bespoke tour over London.

This choice offers a lot more flexibility, allowing customers to choose their departure date, time, and location, as well as the flight route itself.

Given all these options, the possibilities really are endless. For visiting friends and family, a route that flies above all the major London sites is a good option.

At 1500 feet in the air, the flight will give visitors a good idea of how London and its various landmarks are situated.

A great gift for football fans could include a flight over their home team’s stadium. Viewing London by helicopter is also the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or propose. Catering, complete with champagne, can be arranged on bespoke flights to mark the special occasion.


Trusted & Approved Helicopters


Helicopters are a very safe form of travel, every single helicopter that we operate are maintained regularly and must abide by numerous Civil Aviation guidelines in order to operate.

London by helicopter tours can be booked 365 days a year, but are understandably subject to weather conditions as safety is the number one priority for any charter that we operate.


Tours From £149 Per Person


We can depart from any number of heliports in and around London or even the garden of a private residence if it large enough. Prices for a 40-minute bespoke helicopter tour of London start at a very reasonable £149 per person.

Additional details regarding catering, scheduling, and flight route can be arranged with a customer service representative. Once a flight is booked, all passengers need to do is arrive at the designated pickup location on the date and time of the departure, and enjoy the ride.

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