Private Jet Empty Legs, the perfect Business tool


The comfort and convenience of private jet travel is within your reach – more than you’ve probably ever given credence to! Making use of private jet empty legs is an ideal solution. Customers can skip the dreary security lines and cattle-car cabins of commercial airliners while private jet companies can ensure that there are passengers on every flight.


Once you know how it works, you’ll never think of private jet travel as unattainable again. Learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities for opulence and start packing your bags. From now on, all you need to figure out is where you want to go next.


What is an “empty leg”?


Private jets can be hired for roundtrip or one-way service. When the trip is one-way, the jets will have to return to their starting points or go on to new pick-up destinations without passengers. This is called an “empty leg” trip, as the aircraft is empty during this leg of the journey.


Companies prefer to offer seats on these flights at a significant discount, creating an all-around win situation. The prices are affordable for passengers, the company eliminates empty flights and the environment benefits from less wasted fuel.


Private jet travel is the most comfortable and exciting way to reach your destination. You and your colleagues or companions will have an abundance of room and amenities at your disposal.


More Private Jet Options


Additionally, the flexibility of a network of thousands of private aircraft, like the one offered by Inspire Aviation Charter, ensure you will be able to fly when you want and to where you desire, year round. By scheduling empty leg flights, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of significant savings. Now you can arrive in style and comfort and with more money left over to enjoy yourself wherever you land.


Experience the bright lights of big cities like New York, London or Dubai. Escape to the snowy chalets of Switzerland or stop in for some shopping and celebrity-watching in Cannes. You can go most anywhere in the world with a private charter, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Savvy consumers can have their cake and eat it too, mid-air, when they make use of these empty flights.

There are thousands these trips available daily, to and from destinations world-wide. Get the luxury you deserve at a price you can afford, without excuses. There’s nothing holding you back, it’s time to get packing!

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