Private Air Taxi Service

Get to your meeting on time with our Private Air Taxi Service. Designed to carry passengers between 1-8, the Air Taxi Charter is fast, safe and compact – and it will get you to closer to where you need to be.

Where does the Air Taxi Charter fly to?

IAC is the recognised air charter agent for DA42 Aircraft based in Oxford. Our Private Air Taxi Service flies to multiple destinations within the UK, to the Channel Islands and to parts of Europe.

Door to door service

IAC's Air Taxi Charter operates out of smaller airports that are usually restricted for larger aircraft. This means we can fly you closer to your final destination, providing a real 'door to door' service. With minimal transfers, it also helps to make our Air Taxi Service one of the most cost effective flight options on the market.

Great for short hops

Simply, you book our Private Air Taxi Service where you want, when you want. It really is as straightforward as getting a cab from one place to another. Because this aircraft is so cost-effective, it's great for short trips to Europe, the Channels Islands and the UK. Whether you're travelling alone or with a small party, Air Taxi will fit perfectly with your needs.

Perfect for your timetable

Your life shouldn't be at the mercy of commercial timetables, or the convenience of the airlines. IAC's Air Taxi Charter will get you to your meetings in more cities – and home in time for dinner with the family.

Trusted by professionals everywhere

Every member of our team is an experienced private air travel agent. That means, our people bringing the experience necessary to secure you the best journey at the best price. Wherever you need to be, you can be sure that we will go further to make sure you arrive on time.

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