Empty Leg Flights from Independent Air Charter

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What is ‘Empty Leg’?

The Empty Leg Flight has quickly become one of the most popular phrases in the private flight charter industry. Here’s why.

Whenever we charter a one-way private flight to a destination, the aircraft usually needs to return to its original location. Or, it needs to be re-directed to another airport for a future booking. So, on its return trip, the aircraft flies back with no passengers and is therefore empty apart from the crew – hence the term ‘Empty Legs’.

To prevent empty legs from becoming a wasted journey with wasted fuel, we try to re-direct these return leg flights to nearby locations to carry out passenger pickups. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for you too.

Simply, it’s your secret to getting a reduced rate on private charter air travel.

Thanks to Empty Leg Flights from Independent Air Charter, you can enjoy more affordable prices on Private Jet Flights, that would otherwise operate without passengers on board. With up to 75% off, flying with us could be equivalent to 1st class and business commercial travel on scheduled flights.

Enjoy up to 75% off private travel

Save up to 75% on flights!

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