Helicopter Hire to Music Festivals, The perfect Instrument


Music festivals are about so much more than the music these days. There’s a culture that has developed around them that influences everything from fashion to camping. In addition to the must-have festival accessories and the latest glamping gear, festival-goers who truly want to go all out should also think about hiring a private helicopter to the event.


In keeping with over-the-top festival culture, there’s no better way to arrive in style than in a private helicopter hire. Though it may sound extravagant, if you split the cost between a few friends it can actually also be a reasonable way to arrive at a festival without spending hours in unpredictable traffic. Then there’s also the notoriety you gain from landing among all the festival’s VIPs.


If you’re unfamiliar with the process, chartering a private helicopter is a pretty simple process, contact one of the team directly today or have one of us call you back, alternatively fill out an helicopter enquiry form. Before enquiring, it’s good to know your departure date, preferred departure time, destination, and how many passengers will be coming along.


Avoid the Traffic


The great thing about flying in a helicopter is that you avoid traffic, and can land very near to your intended destination. That means you won’t have to get your wellies muddy trudging through the car park and you’ll be able to enjoy the music and festivities that much sooner.


So if you already have your tickets to Glastonbury or Reading or the Isle of Wight in hand and aren’t too keen on making the drive over, then it may be time to consider opting for a private helicopter hire.

It is a more affordable option than you might think, especially if you split the cost between all passengers. Helicopters can typically accommodate 5 – 6 individuals on a flight.


Summer Festival Air Travel 2017


Summer festivals will be here before you know it, and flights to Glastonbury and other festivals tend to get booked very early on. Therefore, advanced booking to this years festivals is essential in order to avoid disappointment. book now, with our dedicated helicopter hire to music festivals.

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