New and Innovative Ways to Fly


‘Inspire Aviation’ is an industry leader in both private aviation and commercial aviation. We have a successful history and have seen the aviation industry go through many changes. There are now larger jumbo jets with higher capacity and incredible technology. On the other end of the scale, a number of budget airlines have become successful by offering a bare bones solution for people to get to their destination.

In the alarmingly competitive commercial industry, numerous airlines are re-structuring and reorganising to cope with the drop in ticket prices and the number of competitors. By the year 2067, the technology in use will change to meet these demands. We will see more fuel-efficient designs. A number of concepts have surfaced including jets with different wing and body shapes, aiming for less drag and more comfort for those on-board.


The Commercial Aviation Industry will go Green


Owing to the competition in the industry and the rising fuel prices, it is imagined that airplanes will follow cars into the electric arena. Why not? If it works with cars, then should it why not work on planes? Perhaps it would work even better for smaller private planes. This would lessen the strain on the environment; it may be cost effective by the year 2067 as technology for batteries improves. Maybe we will one day be chartering private electric jets! Wouldn’t that shake up the aviation industry?

Flying Will Become More Affordable


As we are living in a world that is becoming more and more globalized, the services that are a basic demand are becoming more cost effective. Take mobile phones, computers and the internet for instance, today you can buy an amazing computer, a phone capable of nearly anything and a super fast internet connection for less than the price of what some of the early computers would cost when they came out.

Expect to pay much less, as aviation technology improves and we become more globalized. Buying your own jet may still be too far away, so for our private jet experiences, private jet travel and commercial aviation will still be around to deliver enriching experiences.


Private Aviation, 50 years on from now. Who knows?


The truth of the matter is that anything could happen. What does private aviation 50 years on from now look like? Will we still need pilots, or will aircrafts fly themselves in this crazy world we live in. There is a huge amount of factors at play, a key indicator over the next five years will be the development of electric cars and the way they fit into today’s marketplace.

For now though, the quality of our available private aviation aircraft for charter is a marvel already. It is hard to imagine any way to improve a modern aircraft, as they are already so sophisticated.

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